Protection and Repair Solutions

Get your device protection, support and security with MyRadio Network

Repair and Damage Protection Insurance

and enjoy peace of mind during a crisis.

Why signup for the Device Protection and Repair Insurance?

Are you or your kids particularly hard on your electronic devices? For $14 a month, you get repair coverage through our Device Protection and Repair program. This comes with discounted costs, unlimited warranty and personalized technical support on most devices we repair.

Skilled technicians

24/7 priority technical assistance

Over the phone, text and live remote tech support

Unlimited batteries, charging ports, screen protectors and more

Coverage for over 10 different devices

$30 deductible on most repairs

Unlimited device repairs

Express repair service

How It Works

1. Sign-up to be a member.

2. Search our website for your device’s up-to-date deductible/repair cost.

3. Schedule an appointment or stop in during our walk-in hours to get your device fixed.

3. Request callback, repair estimate, or live remote technical support.

FAQs About Our Repair and Damage Protection Insurance

Yes, depending on the type of device, nature of the damage, and frequency of repair, most device repairs will have a $30 deductible cost.

Simply call/text (304) 554-9074 or email

Unfortunately no you can not. We are a locally owned totally independent company.

The protection plan doesn’t cover lost or stolen devices.

As many times as you wish. Most devices repairs have a $30 deductible. Click here to find your device repair costs!