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24/7 Text Line (681) 214-5475 [WhatsApp]

141 High Street, Morgantown, WV

Motorola Phone Repair

At MyRadio Network, we offer same day Motorola phone repair services

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Walk-ins Weekdays 11a-5p and Saturdays 11a-3p 

Is your Motorola cracked? Or won’t it turn on? Need a repair cost? Just stop by the shop so we can find a fix for the problem. We use only the best quality parts and our engineers are highly qualified to ensure we provide a unique service and your phone gets the best treatment available.

Motorola XT1575

Motorola XT1575
Battery Replacement: $70 (30-60min)
Walk-Ins| Appointment

Walk-ins are highly welcome!

Return screen repair customers get a discount. Free Diagnosis! Free Estimates! Free tempered glass screen protectors (*when available). Walk-in hours are Monday to Friday from 11a-5p and Saturday 11a-3p. Can’t make it? We get it! Downtown traffic can be hectic. Schedule a time here and we will meet you at the shop.

Other Services We Offer

We fix Charging Ports, Headphone Jacks, Battery Problems, Microphones, Power Button, Cameras, Home Buttons and more…